Spanish for Medical Students por Language Arts Publishing

Spanish for Medical Students por Language Arts Publishing

Titulo del libro: Spanish for Medical Students

Autor: Language Arts Publishing

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Fecha de lanzamiento: September 12, 2010

Editor: Language Arts Publishing, LLC

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Language Arts Publishing con Spanish for Medical Students

This edition is updated and practical, making it the most useful guide for medical students. It allows readers to develop the skills necessary to learn both Medical English and Medical Spanish at the same time. In so doing, students become particularly able to communicate quickly and effectively with Spanish-speaking patients and their families.

The book also adapts to important medical student needs in terms of presentation. It emphasizes written, casual, and everyday Spanish.

And special with this reference tool are sections in English and Spanish on the medical history, physical exam, physical findings, diagnosis, medications, supplies, patient instructions, authorizations and signatures, procedures, foods, time, dates, dialogues, and more.

In short, it is the best way to gain that very needed competitive edge: excellent medical knowledge in English combined with the ability to say it all in Spanish.