Normal Person's Guide to Shred por Hunter Hobbs

Normal Person's Guide to Shred por Hunter Hobbs

Titulo del libro: Normal Person's Guide to Shred

Autor: Hunter Hobbs

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Hunter Hobbs con Normal Person's Guide to Shred

Normal people have things to do, places to be, and can’t spend endless hours in the gym. They don't have time to track every gram of protein, carbs, and fat they take in. Normal people often have sedentary jobs, like working in an office or being a student. They have busy schedules both at work and at home.Then you have the fitness experts and Instagram models on social media who are crazy shredded. They typically have that as their full-time job and many are literally paid to work out. Sure, their advice probably works, but most of the time their methods are unrealistic. How do people who have a full-time job and a busy schedule get and stay in shape?In this book, I'm going to explain how normal people — like you and I — can reach their fitness goals. I've designed this simple and easy-to-reference book specifically for busy people who want to start making realistic, healthy changes in their lives. I still work 40+ hours at my office job every week and am excited to share exactly what I do on a daily basis to stay in great shape year round!This book covers a realistic approach to:Counting MacrosWorkoutsDiet and NutritionSupplementsLosing Fat and Building MuscleCardioWater intakeCheat MealsAlcoholAlso Includes:Sample Workouts:3 Day Full Body Workout5 Day Split WorkoutAb workouts for Gym and HomeSample Diet PlanRecommended FoodsGeneral Tips on FitnessPictured Exercises