It's About Music (English Edition) por Jean-Michel Pilc

It's About Music (English Edition) por Jean-Michel Pilc

Titulo del libro: It's About Music (English Edition)

Autor: Jean-Michel Pilc

Número de páginas: 241 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 16, 2013

Editor: Balquhidder Music/Glen Lyon Books

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Jean-Michel Pilc con It's About Music (English Edition)

Self-taught jazz pianist and composer, Jean-Michel Pilc, writes on the expressive aspect of improvisation based on the premise that originality in art is a matter of expressing one’s own uniqueness. He draws examples emphasizing the primacy of feeling spanning from classical music to jazz, and describes simple and essential exercises based on physicality that will help students and professionals alike to tap into his or her own stream of creativity. Written in an engaging and conversational style, the reader will be drawn into the mind of one of the most unique and imaginative jazz artists living today.