MediEvil por Chris Sorrell

MediEvil por Chris Sorrell

Titulo del libro: MediEvil

Autor: Chris Sorrell

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Chris Sorrell con MediEvil

Reseña del editor Created by MediEvil's original co-creators, this brand-new original comic story offers a whole new perspective on the world of Gallowmere and Sir Daniel Fortesque. Beautifully illustrated and full of surprising revelations, it is sure to be a joyful surprise for fans of the classic PlayStation game. MediEvil: The Comic Prequel tells the story of Sir Daniel Fortesque after the ending of MediEvil 2. Traveling back in time Sir Dan encounters his original, living self and (re)experiences the events leading up to the legendary battle in which he first lost his life. He must work with some old friends and battle some old foes if he is to save his kingdom and seal his status as the Hero of Gallowmere. Biografía del autor From age 11, when Chris Sorrell got his first computer, he has had a passion for games and game development that still burns strong. As a teenager Chris developed the James Pond games. A few years later, he created a game design pitch called 'Dead Man Dan'. This was taken into into production as 'MediEvil' and Chris worked as game director and one of the programmers on the small team. The game launched on Playstation 1 in 1998. Although Chris has always enjoyed storytelling through games, the MediEvil comic is his first piece of standalone writing. Jason Wilson's love of horror films, physical comedy and video-games came to the fore when it was suggested that he work with Chris Sorrell on 'MediEvil.' The relationship proved fruitful and MediEvil became a cult hit and went on to spawn the BAFTA award winning 'MediEvil 2.' Jason eventually left Sony to pursue his passion for storytelling in the form of comic books. Under the writer/ artist nom de plume of Jay Gunn, Jason created the eco-horror thriller Surface Tension published by Titan Comics in 2016.