Piel de Asno (Troquelados clásicos) por Charles Perrault

Piel de Asno (Troquelados clásicos) por Charles Perrault

Titulo del libro: Piel de Asno (Troquelados clásicos)

Autor: Charles Perrault

Número de páginas: 16 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 26, 2012

ISBN: 8498255333

Editor: Combel Editorial

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Charles Perrault con Piel de Asno (Troquelados clásicos)

The young and the not so young will share the adventure of forty stories that have lost nothing with the passing of the
years and which still have the special appeal of the classics. Give free rein to your emotions with these appealing old favourites
about the magic of the world that surrounds us.