INFIERNO por Jaerock Lee

INFIERNO por Jaerock Lee

Titulo del libro: INFIERNO

Autor: Jaerock Lee

Número de páginas: 288 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 28, 2012

Editor: Urim Books

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Jaerock Lee con INFIERNO

The Holy Spirit inspired Dr. Jaerock Lee to learn about the life after death and the miserable hell.
He has compiled his messages and published Hell so that countless people may know about hell with clarity and accuracy.
Many people today are curious about the life after death, but it is impossible for us to obtain any answers with our limited capacities.
This book is a vivid and comprehensive account of hell, which has been partially revealed to him in the Bible.
Hell also encourages you to understand the love of God who wants all souls to receive salvation and keep alert in faith.